LAMAA utilized funding from the ACT on Alzheimer's grant to create the LIVE: Live Interactive Virtual Experience.

Goal: Attendee will gain insight and understanding of what it is like to have dementia and help them assess their interactions with those living with dementia.

What: An opportunity to have a virtual experience of what it may feel like to live with dementia. Trained volunteers from LAMAA will execute this experience.

Who: Anyone interested in scheduling a training day with their employees, staff, group etc. are welcome to contact LAMAA.. However, it is not recommended for people diagnosed with a dementia process.

Contact Amanda Mithun at to schedule!

This training is free of charge; however, free-will donations are welcome to assist with replenishing of supplies used.

Feedback from attendees: "Wow is this what it is like for my husband?" "I plan to allow more time for my patients to process tasks" "Thank you for this experience it was eye opening".

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Live Interactive Virtual Experience